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About us

The story of Ippei-an began in 1984, when we opened our first restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui East. Having noticed the absence of authentic ramen in HK, our founder Itsuko Shimada embarked on a mission to bring Japan’s national comfort food to HK for the first time.

Following the successful introduction of ramen, Ms. Shimada spent the next decade nurturing and establishing a unique “Ippei-an flavour,” but she quickly realised that great food wasn’t the only ingredient for a memorable experience.

Ms. Shimada found that in addition to tasty food it took attentive service and plenty of smiles to leave a lasting impression, and you’ll find that each of our restaurants remains true to her vision today.

We hope to continue serving great food in HK with Ms. Shimada’s and our endless smiles

Ippei-an Japanese Ramen & Bar

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